Quick-Start Guide


If you are transferring from the Priority Club website, where you were logged in, you will be automatically signed in to the DIGITAL REWARDS and you can directly browse and download content (see next step below).

If you were not logged in to your Priority Club account, you will be able to browse DIGITAL REWARDS. You will, however, be required to log in to your Priority Club account before you can download content.

Select content

Next to each item you will see its value in Points. Please check that you have enough credit to redeem this item.

Once you have selected your item, you can either download it immediately (see next step below), or add it to your wishlist for future use - that way, you can "pre-select" a list of items and review it at a later stage before spending credit!


Just click on the download icon next to an item and follow the instructions.

A pop-up window will appear with a “Download now” button. In the left bottom corner, the cost of this item is shown, and in the right bottom corner, your Points balance.

Once you are happy with your choice, click on “Download now”. Please note: at this point, your choice is final and your purchase cannot be cancelled.

Before the download can start, a window will open and offer you to run the file or save it. Important - click on “Save”, then make a note of the folder where the item will be saved on your computer.

For Mac computers, downloads are automatically saved into the “Downloads” folder.